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Breathe like an athlete

"From now on you breathe like real athletes!"

The breath is a superpower

First of all, Thank you for your enthusiasm and energy during the ‘’Breathe like an athlete’’ masterclass! Now it’s time for you to implement everything you have learned during the masterclass. A piece of knowledge and background information is nice, but now it’s time to get going. Make sure to start small. Take a look back at the line you have drawn. At what moment during the day would you like to build in a relaxation moment? Remember: the breath is an anchor, something to fall back on. A simple 1 minute breathing exercise can calm down your nervous system quite a bit. At the end of the masterclass we have taken a look at what your input is. Which input produces which output? Do you notice low energy levels? Which input produces these levels? The Werk Atleet team challenges you to from now on consciously breathe more often and to change your input.

Breathe in, breathe out..

You’ve got this!

Set your intention and go for it

We closed off the session with setting an intention. Do you remember it? Write down your intention again and stick it to the refrigerator. In this way you help your brain. From NOW on you will get started with this intention. Make your intention as clear and measurable as possible. In a way that you can get started with it. It takes time to learn and implement a routine in your life. Studies show that it takes between the 22 and 66 days to build a habit. Give yourself the time and don’t give up.

"When people aks me what the most important thing in life is, I answer: just breath.”

– Yoko Ono-

What else can you do?

Shut your mouth, save your life

During the session the importance of nasal breathing came forward. We usually sleep around 7-9 hours a night. How beautiful would it be to create an optimal breathing pattern during the night? Taping your mouth at night can help you a LOT to achieve this pattern. In this way you train yourself to become a better nasal breather. The Werk Atleet team uses kinesio tape. This tape is quite elastic and can feel less oppressive. You can cut a small strip and see what it does. Try it first when reading a book or watching TV. Anything you practice, you get better at. Let’s become better nose-breathers

Book tip

Would you like to know more about this fantastic subject? Then this book is a must read! This is the Dutch version, of course an English version also available.

A nice app


Would you like to get going with different breathing techniques? The app ‘’Breathe!’’ is a great one to try out (and it is free). With this app you can take a look at different breathing exercises and put together your own exercises. Go on a trip of discovery!


A very famous breathing exercise is box-breathing. With this exercise you breathe in a square. Which means you remain a certain amount of time for in- and exhalation. Between these in- and exhalations there is a pause, of which the length is the same amount of time as the in- and exhalation. With this exercise your breathing frequency lowers and your nervous system will adapt a more parasympathetic state. Down below is a one minute video to help you apply box-breathing.


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