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To improve your employees well-being, pick a vitality program of Werk Atleet. By weekly sport classes, healthy recipes, active challenges, masterclasses and online coaching everyone gets a shot at optimal vitality. 

Vitality Program

Welcome in our vitality program menu. Everything starts with your own choice. If you'd like all the employees to improve their vitality, choose on of the following programs.
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Vitality is so much more than just eating healthy, playing sports, sleeping well or feeling well. It's the right balance between every single element and on top of that filled with positive energy.

These days it's very hard to find balance, because we simply have so many things to do. We challenge our body and our mind all the time. Day after day at 120 percent isn't going to last forever...

Luckily for us we know this well enough these days. We also know how to help out your organization. By using the following pillars: move, food and relaxation.

By moving enough, taking enough time to relax and to choose the right food, your body and mind will have the opportunity to be vital. In the end you will learn by experience and you will grow fast by making small steps.

In case you have any questions, just let us know. We like to help you out!

Vitality Program

Vitality Program

A vitality program with Werk Atleet is so much more than just one hour of sports every week. The basics start with four different themes. In these themes we will work with a masterclass, with challenges and/or healthy recipes. Besides that we will add sports from the menu.

How does it work? 

One year consists of 52 weeks and therefore perfectly build for 4 periods of 13 weeks.

You will start with picking 1 (or multiple) themes. After that you will add a sport from the menu. 

Every theme will start with a kickoff. During the kickoff employees will get educated in the chosen theme and will the chosen sport be introduced. In this matter they know what to expect in the entire program.

In every theme we will send weekly challenges which the employees can do as a team or as individual. In the themes food and focus&sleep we will also send two healthy recipes every week. Everything is focused on the theme in the certain period.

Price on request

Education for trainers & coaches via  www.werkatleetacademy.nl

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