Sports with colleagues


Fullbody workout

Bootcamp is a way of sports in which you work on strentgh, conditioning, speed and coordination. Above all you will work on having a lot of fun. Sports with colleagues is very good for the team effort!

A bootcamp training on location takes 60 minutes for max 20 participants. Price from €150,- per session.

As long as Covid 19 is around we also provides our workouts online.


But without the ring

One of the fast growing sports in the last couple of years. Highly effective in strength and conditioning. Kickboxing is so much more than just throwing some punches. It requires rest and control. It helpt to clear your mind after a long day of work.

The kickboxing classes on location take up to 60 minutes. We provide the material for max 16 participants. Price from €160,- per session.


Vinyasa, Yin & Nidra

Our teachers provide different styles of yoga for you and your colleagues. Vinyasa is more of action, yin is more relaxing and nidra is also known as sleepyoga. Relaxation, love it!

The classes on location take up to 60 minutes for max 20 participants. Price from 190,- per session.

As long as Covid is around, you can also enjoy yoga online.

No Sweat

Everything against office injuries

Pain in your shoulder, lower back or hips. More and more complaints are rising. During a no sweat session you will work on low intensity building strength and mobility. Anything to fight (upcoming) injuries.

No sweat sessions on location take up to 30 minutes for a max op 12 participants. Price from €150,- per session.

We also provide these sessions digitally.


Work Athlete Outdoor

Also when you do not work at our clients you can join our workouts. We ask you kindly to have a look at our Outdoor website.

Op dit moment verzorgen we enkel particuliere outdoor trainingen op verschillende locaties in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

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