Vitality Program

Over here you will find everything you need to create your own vitality program.
We love to find out the things that suit your organisation. Scroll down for the possibilities.

Since we customize a program the prices are on request.

Step 1


A program starts with a good conversation

We will figure out what your company needs. We will start with your ambition. After we will find a team of ambassadors and we will promote them to Chief Energy Officers. These ambassadors will make sure the program will succeeed. After naming the new CEO's we will schedule the different theme's.

We work with 5 different themes. If you are curious which themes, scroll down to step 2.

Step 2


We werken met 5 verschillende thema’s: Beweging, Voeding, Ontspanning, Mindset en Slaap. Vanuit deze thema’s hebben wij een team van professionals klaar staan om jouw organisatie of team kennis te geven over vitaliteit. Kennis overdragen doen we middels masterclasses (workshops, training, hoe je het ook wil noemen).

From these themes we will plan 1 or more masterclasses, we will work on challenges and we use coaching to make sure a program keeps running. We want to change your team into athletes!

Use the button below for more information on the different masterclasses.

Step 3


You can extend a program by adding some extra's.

We love sports. Therefore we often add sporty activities to a program. You can add yoga, kickboxing, bootcamp or no sweat workouts.

Besides that we offer the possibility for teambuilding sessions like ice baths, one day retreats, marine style workouts or other cool activities.

Step 4

Please give me an example

A program could be something like the following.

Week 1: kickoff with teambuilding

Ice bath, guided meditation and masterclass on all different themes.

Week 2 to 10: theme move

Start with a masterclass physiotherapist
Weekly bootcamp
Weekly challenges to activate employees to move

Week 11 to 20: theme stress

Start with masterclass mindfulness
In week 16 een Masterclass Positieve stress
Weekly yoga
Weekly challenges to reduce stress

And keep it going like this!

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We love to work with organizations that put their employees on the first spot. Would you like a chair massage? Then you are not at the right place. Do you like a fruit basket? Not via our team.

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