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Why we think that a healthy lifestyle with moving, eating healthy and relaxation needs to be accessible to anyone.

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Werk Atleet, meaning Work Athlete, was invented in 2017 from a shared interest in moving. The bosses Jeroen and Joep are active in healthy living for many years. They both got a different background: Jeroen, graduated at CIOS and Fontys Sporthogeschool and Joep, graduated at the Hotel Management School, but together one passion: moving, working out, training, exercising!

"We strongly believe that a healthy lifestyle needs to be easy and accessible to anyone. "

The passion for moving started as little boys on the football field. It changed when they got older to fitness, bootcamp and CrossFit. After a few years of experience in teaching personal training, bootcamp and CrossFit it became time for a new step. Moving, food and relaxation needed to be accessible to anyone. Which spot is the hardest to help?

In business we spend most of our time sitting down and not knowingly we can have consequences by this matter. Less energy, less productive and job hoppers are a few of these. Of course this is a very bad outcome to any kind of organization. There will be more money spend on absenteeism, talent will be hard to reach and team-building will go down. Werk Atleet is fighting this hard. We hope to provide a new opportunity in life and into current jobs. Simple changes by working out with colleagues once a week can change a lot!

Why should we start?

Active employees are less ill than less active colleagues.

1 million Dutcies are struggling with burn out complaints. Monitor arbeid TNO)

Dutch are, on average, spending 10.1 hours sitting down every single day. Monitor arbeid TNO)

45% of the employers see that pressure is getting too high. Monitor arbeid TNO)

With 1 hour moving a day you can fight 'sitting diseases' already. NRC)

The combination between moving, food & relaxation is a wonderful way to reduce stress and prevent burnouts. 

“Investeren in beweging op de werkvloer loont”.

Working out together increases team-building

36% of absenteeism starts with stress Monitor arbeid TNO)

Sporten tijdens het werk is een hele goede secundaire arbeidsvoorwaarde

De werkdruk wordt verlaagd wanneer werknemers kunnen sporten 

Beweging zorgt voor een hogere productiviteit en een verbeterde concentratie

Een zieke werknemer kost gemiddeld tussen de €200 en €400 per dag! (2017, MKBservicedesk) 

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