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Working is like an olympic sport. As an athlete you have to do a proper warm up (morning routine) to play the champions league (workday) and you can't forget a cooling down, otherwise you will get injured.

We provide masterclasses about different themes in terms of vitality. Think of performance, healthy nutrition, sleep and mindset. Al our masterclasses take about 75 minutes and do (digitally) not have a max number of participants. Every session costs €675,- excl VAT.

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Attack your day like an athlete.
Improve your current morning routine, workday and checkout routine by a lot of tools, tips and tricks. Implement everything for more energy during your workday.



Learn everything about moving and start working on your current routines in terms of movement. Learn about your body, about injuries, moving vs training and work on challenges during the session.


Learn everything on how to optimize your nights rest. Sleep like an athlete!
Wake up in the morning with a lot of energy by eliminating disturbers, learn about arousal and a lot of practical information about what sleep is and does.


Learn how you can stay in the right flow that tasks feel easy and your concentration is on point. Eliminate focus leaks and work with the pomodoro technique.


Orthomolecular Food

You will get through your current eating pattern and you will improve it for your own goal. Learn about macronutrientes, about harmfull stuff and about fasting. Orthomolecular stands for small steps, big results.

Stress & Relax

Balance is key. Make sure that you find balance between stress and relaxation to perform on the highest level. Learn about the mental round of 5 and work on practical tools for stress-release.


Find the right mindset to get the most out of yourself. Work on discipline, dare to dream and learn to set and achieve goals. Your teacher is an former marine.


Fix your sh*t! Neck injuries, pain in your back, stabs in your hip. Typical complaints that come with the office lifestyle.
During this session you will learn everything about fighting these office pains and live pain free!


We would love to learn about any of the topics above. Is that possible in 1 session?

Well no, but we can try to teach you something on every topic!

Masterclass for individuals

Through the Academy you can join our masterclasses even if you do now work with one of our clients. About once every two months we teach sessions about healthy nutrition, sleep and performance.

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