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Improve the vitality of your organization or team by starting with a masterclass of Werk Atleet. with a digital masterclass from Werk Atleet.

Every employee can join from home. How awesome?


Welcome in our masterclass menu. Would you like to learn about important topics of a healthy lifestyle? Book your masterclass now.

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Stimulate moving & reduce sedentary behavior
active & interactive
  75 minutes
€475,- per masterclass

Food (meerdelig)

Healthy nutrition / food pyramid
 monitor your routine / Orthomolecular
75 minutes
From €475,- per masterclass (€750 for both)

Stress & Relax

Pre burnout session / practical teaching
Enjoy rest / breathing experience
  75 minutes
from €475,- per masterclass


Get to know move, food
and relaxation / interactive
  75 minuten
 from €475,- per masterclass


personal development
Stop snoozing, start winning
75 minutes
from €475,- per masterclass


more focus & attention
Interactive & practical
   75 minutes
from €475,- per masterclass


work - private balance
connect with your team
75 minutes
 from €475,- per masterclass


sleep disturbance / sleep cycle
Wake up without your alarm!
75 minutes
from €475,- per masterclass

Mindset (meerdelig)

How to get out of your comfortzone
learn from a former navy
75 minutes
Vanaf €475,- per masterclass (€750,- voor beide)

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