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Door middel van masterclasses trainen werknemers op verschillende facetten van vitaliteit. Denk aan het bouwen van routines, stress op een positieve manier benaderen, vitaal leiderschap, gezonde voeding, slaap en mindset. Al onze masterclasses duren tussen de 90-120 minuten.

Per masterclass rekenen we €775,- excl. btw.

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Work like an athlete

Want to work like an athlete?
Improve your current morning routine, workday and checkout routine by a lot of tools, tips and tricks. Implement everything for more energy during your workday.


Vital Leadership

This session is for the leaders of the future. You learn how to deal with your colleagues health problems. Think of that bad sleeping colleague. How can you help?

Sleep like an athlete

You can learn how to sleep like an athlete.
Wake up in the morning with a lot of energy by eliminating disturbers, learn about arousal and a lot of practical information about what sleep is and does.

Focus like an athlete

Learn how you can stay in the right flow that tasks feel easy and your concentration is on point. Eliminate focus leaks and work with the pomodoro technique.


Eat like an athlete

You will get through your current eating pattern and you will improve it for your own goal. Learn about macronutrientes, about harmfull stuff and about fasting. Orthomolecular stands for small steps, big results.

Positieve Stress

Balance is key and stress is very good to use. We will create a positive look on stress, learn to recognize signals and we will test our current stress level. Loads of tools to release negative stress and start to get positive. 


Find the right mindset to get the most out of yourself. Work on discipline, dare to dream and learn to set and achieve goals. Your teacher is an former marine.

Move like an athlete

Learn everything about moving and start working on your current routines in terms of movement. Learn about your body, about injuries, moving vs training and work on challenges during the session.


The world goes so fast. 24 hours a day you are in the action mode and that is tempting, but hard. Where can you find some relaxation?

In a very interactive session we will teach you how to press the stop button.

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