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Een werkweek is topsport. Daarom moet je je werkweek aanpakken, zoals een atleet dat bij een wedstrijd doet. Voor optimale prestaties, voor de juiste mindset en om bestand te zijn tegen stress. Routines, gezonde voeding en kwalitatief goede slaap zijn hierbij essentieel.

Onze professionals helpen je met passie op weg naar een vitale organisatie. Een organisatie met échte Werkatleten.

What we do

With a diverse group of professionals we work on vitality in different ways.

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Through masterclasses we will bring knowledge to your employees. By teaching them they understand why they have to make some health choices. Our specialists take care of current routines and they will optimize these together with the employees.

Curious what kind of sessions we offer?


Our team is energetic, maybe a little too energetic. We would love to share some of this energy with your organization by organizing team days and digital energizers.

If you like to organize a team day or an energizer for your team, will you reach out to us via the button below?


Sports runs through our vains. Our trainers would love to get your team moving. You can workout as often as you want. Your team can choose between bootcamp, no sweat, yoga and kickboxing. Let's get fit!

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With over 4 years of experience in vitality, Work Athlete helps any kind of organization with creating and executing a vitality program.


We will help your company to promote the vitality program to increase the participation of employees. We will make sure to reach as many employees and trigger them to get going.


Because we are working more and more from home, it can be hard to connect with your team. Through challenges we literally challenge employees to work on a healthy lifestyle. Together.

Who are we?

Friends from day 1 Jeroen and Joep are on a mission. They want to turn every employee into an athlete.

With a great team of professionals they are teaching through masterclasses, training and workouts for companies with only one goal: happy, fit and vital employees.

Our team is strong. With orthomolecular food advisors, coaches for sleep, sports scientists and stress counselors. Also HR-professionals, mindset trainers and don't forget the best sports instructors.

Besids that we keep employees happy and healthy, we are also working on a more sustainable environment. Check the video above to get an impression.

Year of establishment



Happy employees

Our clients

We work with any kind of organization that puts their employees at first. Below you will find some quotes of our happy customers. They happy, we happy, everybody happy.

"Since a couple of years Otherside is working together with Work Athlete. What began with a weekly bootcamp grew to a complete vitality program. The enthusiasm of Work Athlete gets to our employees. From challenges to burpees and from 'ommetjes' to masterclasses, for everyone there is something. With Work Athlete we are really making steps towards a more healthy organization. The happy professional in which we as company strive to, is possible because of Work Athlete."

Diederik Benders

CEO, Otherside at work

"The evaluation is done and I can congratulate you with the highest grade EVER given to a masterclass. You scored an 8.9."

Erwin Toet

Sales Establishment Specialist, KPN

Laagdrempelig, snel schakelend, vol goede ideeën en enthousiast! Werk Atleet houdt onze collega’s sportief bezig met een wekelijkse HIT Workout, een energy booster of een start-your-day-core-workout. Hierbij was is workout weer een feestje. Jullie denken graag mee voor andere initiatieven wat zeer gewaardeerd wordt. Bedankt voor deze TOP samenwerking!

Renee van Middelkoop

HR advisor, Orange Cyberdefense

We really like the corporation with Work Athlete. Your enthusiasm, the entourage and atmosphere you create online and the way you stimulate the team is much appreciated. Colleagues are really happy and they have so much more energy. Keep up the good work!"

Eddy van Hugten

Partner, HLB van Daal

“Al geruime tijd leiden we bij iTrainee met ons traineeship afgestudeerde talenten op tot succesvolle SAP-consultants om ze vervolgens een kickstart van hun carrière te geven bij onze opdrachtgevers. Werk Atleet verzorgt tijdens het traineeship met diverse vitaliteitssessies voor de juiste bewustwording & gedrag onder andere ten aanzien van teambuilding, beweging, voeding, focus, mindset & slaap. Onmisbaar om ook daadwerkelijk die succesvolle consultant te kunnen worden. Werk Atleet vult dit perfect in met hun energieke sessies en wij zijn daarom ook erg blij met deze mooie samenwerking!”

Berry van Assouw

Director Operations, iTrainee

"We experienced multiple trainers and they are all great! Flexible, fast and highly professional. It provides an energy boost to our team."

Peter Hendriks

Accountmanager Commercial, Bechtle Direct

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