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Work Athlete

Creates vitality program for every organisation, on location or fully digital. We will work on move, food, relaxation, happiness, sleep and mindset. With these themes we make sure that every employee will start their working day puffed with energy.

Een atleet in je werk

Every program is accessible to anyone.
We strongly believe that everyone has to be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Not enough time? To much hassle? No worries, we will bring everything to your place!

As long as corona is around we will work completely digital.

For every country!


We will bring energy into your organization. Would you like to have more energy to get through your day? That's cool. We got you!


We share a lot of knowledge from our professionals. Guidance, handles and practical examples, that's an easy way to go.

Talent & Teambuilding

Give your employees the possibility to work on vitality together with their colleagues. More teambuilding equals more connection with the company.

Work Athlete
Certified experts in every theme of vitality
'An athlete is someone with an above average physic level and therefore seen as potential participator in physical activities and in special competition.'

A workweek is basically the same as an olympic sport. Imagine looking at an athlete in the best shape of his life. Competition is coming.

What will the athlete do?

He will make sure his warm up is on point (morning routine), he will play an incredible match (workday) and he will not forget a cooling down (check out routine) to prevent injury.

Werk Atleet will do anything in his power to make your employees more fit and vital!

Novartis NL

Het eerste volledig digitale vitaliteitsprogramma draaien we bij Novartis Pharma Nederland. Meerdere sporten of beweegmomenten, masterclasses, teamchallenges, podcasts, video’s en nog veel meer. WAUW!


Bloomon, de geweldige trend voor altijd verse en diverse bloomen in huis vanuit Amsterdam, heeft inmiddels al meerdere (digitale) bootcamp programma’s van Werk Atleet gevolgd met onwijs veel energie. Daarnaast een giga yoga event met maar liefst 80 werknemers!

Otherside At Work

Otherside At Work, software professional voor bedrijfsgezondheid uit ‘s-Hertogenbosch, heeft een gemengd vitaliteitsprogramma waar onder andere met collega’s wekelijks wordt genoten van bootcamp of boksen. Daarnaast kunnen de werknemers deelnemen aan masterclasses, ontvangen ze podcasts, video’s, challenges en nog veel meer.

Young Capital

This gigantic employment agency is located through the entire country and is an example to employee benefits. Great events, cool working spots and a sports program of Werk Atleet. In Amsterdam and in Den Bosch they can enjoy bootcamp and kickboxing.


Voor deze bank mochten we meerdere masterclasses verzorgen op het gebied van vitaliteit. Voeding, Focus, Stress en Werkgeluk zijn enkele thema’s die terug kwamen.


This Rosmalen based company offers different building and constructing services in the living- utility branche. On top of that, Hoedemakers offers a wonderful vitality program. Employees can enjoy bootcamps, kickboxing, healhty recipes and challenges.

Gemeente Amsterdam

With the Gemeente Amsterdam we did our first two SUP Clean-Ups in our capital. Guarded with Stand Up Paddle boards, baskets and grabs we collected a lot of litter from the canals.


Yourzine and searchresult launched the name Adeptiv. This customer journey marketing group takes good care of their employees. A vitality program with weekly boxing and bootcamp. Running guidance, challenges and healthy eating. What an example!

Too Good To Go

'save good food and don't let it go to waste'
That's the motto of these waste warriors in Amsterdam. A great, enthusiastic team from Too Good To Go has a sports program. Employees can bootcamp and enjoy kickboxing.


Tiqets is an innovative platform with their HQ in Amsterdam. A simple mission for Tiqets: culture accessible. Therefore they make sure their own company culture is on point. Happy and vital employees on top!


In 2019 we invented the week of vitality for the Rabobank. Two inspirational sessions and 2 teambuilding activities. A great step to vitality!

St. Anna Zorggroep

This health care is another great example of how it should be done. The employees can enjoy yoga, minfulness and kickboxing. Besides that they can attend masterclasses into moving. Everything to reduce stress and anxiety. What a wonderful organization

Wat een voorbeeld organisatie!


Geldmaat is de nieuwe geldautomaat voor iedereen! Daarnaast is geldmaat ook ontzettend goed voor haar medewerkers. Maar liefst twee keer per week kunnen de medewerkers deelnemen aan een actieve break gedurende de werkdag. Een keer high intensity en een keer no sweat. Complimenten, ga zo door!

Dentsu Aegis Network

This Amsterdam based company is an example for many others. Vital employees on top! Dentsu started their vitality program with an amazing kickoff. After that themes like move, food, stress and comfortzone came by. AWESOME!


De club uit Breukelen van Bechtle kan wekelijks bootcampen met een van onze trainers. Topteam!

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