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Working is top class sports

During the session we worked on optimizing the morning routine and did we speak about nutrition for energy throughout the day. For the morning routine it is important to take it easy, to stay in de parasympathetic (relax) side of the nervous system. You need this part to digest food properly, but also to maintain champions league for the upcoming years. Furthermore we spoke about breathwork and keeping the blood sugar levels nice and stable.

Pick the low hanging fruit and be gentle.

You rock!

Pick a challenge & go for it

We finished the session with writing down a challenge. Out of everything we discussed during the session. Whether it’s cold showering in the morning, whether it’s two glasses of water (maybe with a pinch of salt, because of the salt you lose throughout the night), whether it’s breathing or walking before your meal.

The challenge you chose is yours! This is your reminder to go for it. The most easy way to follow up on this, is to write it down somewhere that you will be remembered of this challenge every single day.

You ready?

“You’ll never know what you’re capable of until you take that first step and just go for it.”

–  Natasha Hastings –

What else is there to do?

How to decrease impact of blue light?

With the app ‘blue light filter’ you can create a different sight on your phone. The sight will turn red and will be way less hard on your eyes while working, scrolling through instagram or sending messages. Your brain will not think that it’s 12:00 noon the entire day. Super beneficial for a good nights rest!

BlUE LIGHT filter bril

We are great fans of biohacking. We live in a time where watching netflix is awesome from time to time, but we do know that it will affect our sleep. Why not hack this sometimes? By using blue light filter glasses in the evening, your brain thinks it is sundown so it will secrete melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that helps you to fall asleep and to sleep throughout the night. Most optimal is to stop looking at screens 2 hours before you go to bed, but even then… if you look at screens after sundown: block the blue light.

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Practising breathwork?

Would you like to help us?

Team Werk Atleet is always aiming to improve. If you have any feedback regarding to the session with Keanu, can you please send this to keanu@werkatleet.nl?

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