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Work like an athlete

"From now on all of you are top athletes!"

Working is top class sports

First of all, many thanks for your enthusiasm and energy during the sessions! Now it’s time to get started with approaching your day like an athlete does: start with a proper warm-up, play Champions League level during your matchday and finish off with a relaxing cooling-down. We want you to be able to deliver the best performances within your job while maintaining a fit body and strong mind.
We challenge you to pick one thing from one of the masterclasses to get started with optimizing your day. 

Pick the low hanging fruit and be gentle.

You rock! 

Pick a challenge & go for it

During the sessions, you’ve been given various tips and exercises. What do you want to work on? What do you want to turn into a habit?
Write it down on a small piece of paper and hang it on your refrigerator. This helps to program your new habit into your brain. Because from NOW on you are going to rock your personal challenge. And remember: it takes time to form new habits. Research shows us that creating a new habit can take up from 22 to 66 days.

Are you ready?

Give yourself this time and hang in there!

“You’ll never know what you’re capable of until you take that first step and just go for it.”

–  Natasha Hastings –

What else is there to do?


Towards the evening, when it gets darker outside, your brain naturally starts producing melatonin to give every cell in your body the signal to wind down, because the night is coming. This makes melatonin essential for a good night of rest. Registrating darkness with your eyes is required in order to produce melatonin. Therefore you should aim to avoid all (bright) artificial lightning after sunset. Try to replace these bright artificial lightning sources with warmer toned sources –  f.e. candles and salt lamps – and avoid screens like your smartphone and the television in the last 1-2 hours prior to bedtime. 


Like you have experienced during the masterclass, the breath is our key to the autonomic nervous system. With a deeper and slower breath you are able to bring yourself to a more relaxed state, known as the parasympathetic side (relax mode) of the autonomic nervous system. 

One of our favorites is the Box Breathing Method, which you can try below. Enjoy breathing! 

Would you like to help us?

Team Werk Atleet is always aiming to improve. Therefore feedback is always welcome. So if you have any feedback regarding the session, can you please send this to jeroen@werkatleet.nl?

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